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DRAGON PEARL - Abduction

25. června 2017 v 19:00 | rainorchid |  DRAGON PEARL
"Hello,... " called Monik into the corridor, when she closed the front-door. She put her groceries on the floor and she walked through the small hallway to her roommate's door.
"I hope, that you two are dressed and I am not interrupting anything," said Monik with a teasing smile on her face as she knocked on her room. She waited for some angry comments from the other side, but when nobody replied, her smile faded. Only then she noticed, that the door was slightly open and she carefully went in.

Her heart started pounding… the room was completely upside down! As she was looking around, she heard a weird moan from behind the double bed. She approached it with caution and found her roommates boyfriend lying motionless on the ground with dried blood on his head.
"Jaro! What happened here?!" she asked him anxiously and helped him sit up.
Jaro was disoriented: "What?... Monik?... Ou, my head… Where is Luci?"
"That I would like to know too. What happened here?" and she took another look around the scattered room.
In that moment, Jaro as if woke up and replied with panic in his voice: "They took her! Two men came into the apartment,… they took her!"
"Luci was taken by two men? Who?! Why?! We have to,…" but she didn't finish, because Jaro's face darkened and he gave Monik a murderous look.
"I should give you a message from them,… Dragon eyes see the way… They said, that you will know, what it means…"
Monik was stunned, she didn't know what is it all about, but after a while her expression was replaced by anger.
"Could you tell me, what is going on here? It seems that you know more than me!"
But Monik didn't answer him, she got up from the floor and ran out of the apartment. Jaro yelled something after her, but she was already running down the stairs.

She ran all the way to the metro station with angry thoughts in her head. She knew exactly where she was going, from whom she will get some answers and she was even prepared to beat them out of that old man, if necessary!

Monik ran into the metro station just in time to catch the train, so she jumped right in and it took her one station to I.P.Pavlova. She ignored the other passengers and ran up the escalator. Then, with one of the ways, she went up to the ground. There she took different small roads to the restaurant of her friend's Jacky's grandfather.

She stormed in there by slamming the glass door. All guests turned right to her, fortunately there were just three, plus the waitress.
"Where is your father?" asked Monik rudely from the waitress, even though she was in her mother's age.
"He should be at the back, downstairs," replied the waitress in shock and she didn't even try to stop Monik, when she passed her and went to the back, where guest usually mustn't go.

In the back of the restaurant was the kitchen, where she passed a surprised cook. She went straight through the kitchen to the short corridor with stairs, which lead up to the residential area of the restaurant and also down to the cellar. This wasn't her first time here, but nevertheless, it wasn´t easy to take the first step downstairs… When she was here the last time, some weird stuff happened and it leaded to the abduction of her best friend…

The cellar was slightly lit and she heard how Jacky's grandfather mumbled something.
"Mr. Long?" she asked timidly to the direction of his voice. The room was illuminated just by one dangling bulb that hung from the ceiling.
"Á, Miss Monik," replied a kind voice and an old man with big ears stepped out from the shadows. He owned a traditional Chinese restaurant, so he was wearing a red uniform with golden embroidery and he had a big smile on his face.
Monik then felt her initial anger again and she began indignantly: "My roommate was abducted by some men and if I am not mistaking, you know exactly where she is! They left me a message,… Dragon eyes see the way…"
Mr. Long then seriously thought about it and began to nod.
"This is exactly what I was afraid of, I told you, that this could happen,… but earlier than I expected…"
"Do you know, where my roommate is?" she urged the old man.
"Me? No. But the dragon eyes see the way and they will lead you to her…"
"Stop that nonsense! I can't listen to this anymore!"

Suddenly something broke behind Mr. Long and it threw Monik completely off, she stepped back.
"You were right, she still doesn't believe you…" said a voice from behind Mr. Long. Monik just then realized, that there was someone sitting behind the old man the whole time.
She had goosebumps, but she didn't show any fear, on the contrary, she straightened up: "Who's there?"
"This is Ren. I called him here so he can help you with the crossing…" and Mr. Long pointed at the young man.
"Are you starting with that stupid story again?! I'm really tired of it!"
"Did you even consider, that it is the truth?! Trust me, not all of us are excited that the faith of my village is in the hands of such a weak woman!" said Ren.
"Imagine I did consider it! But I didn't ask for this! I don't want to have anything to do with it!"
"Even I would be glad, if you didn't have anything to do with it! It would be easier with anyone else! But I don't have a choice,... it is even worse, that you have to be conscious during the crossing,… it would be much easier, if I could just knock you out…"
"Well, well, younglings,… calm down…" stepped between them Mr. Long, because he saw how Monik wanted to attack Ren.
"Your friend was abducted and you don´t know how to use your abilities to find her… Ren will happily help you…" continued Mr. Long, but Ren chimed in.
"That is not happening! I should help her and she will do nothing?! I don't think so…" and he looked at Monik scornfully. "If you want my help, you will go with me to my world. Just then will this nightmare end for both of us and you will get your friend back."
"Fine," said Monik unwillingly. She knew, that she will regret her decision, but she didn't have any other choice.


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