What is the story - DRAGON PEARL - about?

21. july 2017 at 23:30 | rainorchid |  Blog content
The beginning of September's exam period changed Monik´s life when the tremendous power of the Green dragon entered her body. Many creatures from a world behind ours wanted this power, but for her it was just an unwanted complication during her difficult studies in Prague.

She wanted to get rid of it, but for that, she has to go to a whole other world, find it´s legal successor and all this before some dangerous, power longing, creatures get to her.

Will Monik get back her life? And will the power of the Green dragon get into the right hands?

New chapters to her story are added usually on Saturday - follow me on facebook or twitter to get notifications.

Something about the picture:
The picture you see in this article and also on the top of this side - I drew on paper and then painted in program gimp-2.8.

Something about the creation of the story:
The story DRAGON PEARL is some kind of a fantasy-alternative reality of my second year on Charles University in Prague.
The characters from "our world" are based on real people from my life, while I maintained their first names. Just the main character, which technically represents me, has her name changed. I hope that you will like this story and please comment!

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